Review: Compliance (2012)

ImageMy first movie review for this blog will be this Criag Zobel film called COMPLIANCE. I stumbled upon the trailer almost 2 months ago & may I tell you, it gave me the chills! I told myself I had to watch it, since I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers (haven’t seen Inception though so back off). I took it upon myself to do some research because it definitely gave me a sense of “why did this happen?”, I did my homework & apparently there was a string of prank calls that took place in 2004 & the target was Mcdonald’s & other fast food chains. One incident got so extreme that a girl was stripped down to her naked body, spanked, & given some weird orders only to realize after that it was indeed a prank call. I totally get why someone would fall for that, since the prank caller was so effective & he reinforced his orders with such authority as he talked the manager, who was stressed at the moment. I believe that people fall to all sorts of things if they’re not focused or they’re under a situation. I just didn’t realize how blown up it all got. The movie was amazing, it had that horror sound feel to it, PLUS there were footages of how gross the fast food stores look like, so that gives a little bit of “this is all too real” feel. The actors were amazing. It was very disturbing, yet you’ll be hooked to it. You need to watch this.


Movie Trailer: THE MISTRESS

First things first, I love this on-screen couple, I believe they pull in millions & millions of fans, viewers, potential stalkers and of course, money whenever they make a project. Bea & John Lloyd could be everyone’s guilty pleasure because they’re damn good actors. I first saw their awesomeness when I saw One More Chance with my high school classmates back in ’07, then for a while they did a remake of the Mexican telenovela called Betty La Fea, that was in 2008. They made another comeback movie called Miss You Like Crazy which was amazing again, it was back in 2010, February 14 weekend, it sold like hotcakes. Then here they go again starring in another movie, which I think is a pretty decent gap from the last one they made. It’s a risk that Bea took to actually land this role because we always see this smart, sweet, sometimes sassy character out of her & she doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to dramatic scenes. This one is very different, she plays what seems like the character you will hate, but I believe she will make us fall in love with her vulnerability. On the other hand, John Lloyd has been names box office king for many years now, I mean we all know why. He rakes in millions of pesos on opening weekends of movies he stars in even if he’s paired up with another leading lady. He’s one hell of an actor too by the way. I just idolize both these 2 and I will make sure I watch this movie, veteran actors Ronaldo Valdez & Hilda Koronel also star.

Summer Sunshine.

Don’t you just wish we had summer all-year round? I mean seriously. Well I’d rather have it a little cooler, say constant spring weather all year? That’d be fine by me. Some people like colder weather, but there are summer peeps out there who would rather see the sun & enjoy being under it even if they get toasted or whatever. Here’s to hoping that summer lasts longer this year.

Heartbreak Warfare- John Mayer

How come the only way to know how high you get me
is to see how far I fall
God only knows how much I’d love you if you let me
but I can’t break through it all.

Music video by John Mayer performing Heartbreak Warfare. It’s 2012 & I’m still listening to this. That’s how much of a fan I am. I love his new music though!



Stumbled upon a graffiti wall & asked my cousin to take a photo.

Often we find ourselves not actually living up to what we know we could, and it’s such a shame when we see other people doing what they love yet we feel jealous of them. I am in this situation & I feel stuck, even though I already set this long term goal for myself, I can only say that TIME will tell if it all comes to play & if it’s all worth it in the end. I am keeping the faith because God is with me all the time I know that, He’s always been.

Hello world!


Now that I’m 21 I will make sure to post stuff in here that are actually age appropriate.

I feel old but I know y’all think I’m delusional. Anyway, I just wanted to give a warm welcome to myself for being back on WordPress. Summer’s not yet over so, cheers to that & my first entries are going to be of such nature.

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