Movie Trailer: THE MISTRESS

First things first, I love this on-screen couple, I believe they pull in millions & millions of fans, viewers, potential stalkers and of course, money whenever they make a project. Bea & John Lloyd could be everyone’s guilty pleasure because they’re damn good actors. I first saw their awesomeness when I saw One More Chance with my high school classmates back in ’07, then for a while they did a remake of the Mexican telenovela called Betty La Fea, that was in 2008. They made another comeback movie called Miss You Like Crazy which was amazing again, it was back in 2010, February 14 weekend, it sold like hotcakes. Then here they go again starring in another movie, which I think is a pretty decent gap from the last one they made. It’s a risk that Bea took to actually land this role because we always see this smart, sweet, sometimes sassy character out of her & she doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to dramatic scenes. This one is very different, she plays what seems like the character you will hate, but I believe she will make us fall in love with her vulnerability. On the other hand, John Lloyd has been names box office king for many years now, I mean we all know why. He rakes in millions of pesos on opening weekends of movies he stars in even if he’s paired up with another leading lady. He’s one hell of an actor too by the way. I just idolize both these 2 and I will make sure I watch this movie, veteran actors Ronaldo Valdez & Hilda Koronel also star.


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