Review: Compliance (2012)

ImageMy first movie review for this blog will be this Criag Zobel film called COMPLIANCE. I stumbled upon the trailer almost 2 months ago & may I tell you, it gave me the chills! I told myself I had to watch it, since I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers (haven’t seen Inception though so back off). I took it upon myself to do some research because it definitely gave me a sense of “why did this happen?”, I did my homework & apparently there was a string of prank calls that took place in 2004 & the target was Mcdonald’s & other fast food chains. One incident got so extreme that a girl was stripped down to her naked body, spanked, & given some weird orders only to realize after that it was indeed a prank call. I totally get why someone would fall for that, since the prank caller was so effective & he reinforced his orders with such authority as he talked the manager, who was stressed at the moment. I believe that people fall to all sorts of things if they’re not focused or they’re under a situation. I just didn’t realize how blown up it all got. The movie was amazing, it had that horror sound feel to it, PLUS there were footages of how gross the fast food stores look like, so that gives a little bit of “this is all too real” feel. The actors were amazing. It was very disturbing, yet you’ll be hooked to it. You need to watch this.


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