TIFF 2012 Reviews

So I only got to see 3 movies, which I’ll say were definitely worth seeing especially when you know you gotta wait MONTHS if you missed them. I wanted to see some more but you know I’m kind if broke right now so here are my reviews. By the way here’s a photo collage I made for the movies I saw:


  • AT ANY PRICE (Ramin Bahrani)- This movie stars Dennis Quaid & Zac Efron. It’s basically like this family trying to get away from an illegal mistake they’ve done, which was re-using seeds for their farming business. I liked the whole American feel of it, I mean you should know what I’m saying cause the setting of this movie was in a farm, no big city whatever. It left me a bit angry at times because they’ve shown the characters’ bad sides too much until the end of the movie. On top of that, they didn’t bother coming clean to the crime that Zac’s character have done. It was of course a mature role for him, it was totally unexpected but overall I’ll give this a 7.5/10. That Maika Munroe girl is one lucky actress.
  • WRITERS (Josh Boone)- I wanted to see another movie with an all-star cast and I got that with this one. Greg Kinnear plays a father who’s not over with his divorce to his wife (played by Jennifer Connelly), his kids think he’s a sad man going thru a midlife crisis. I have to say this was a funny movie, though I certainly feel that some scenes were so unnecessary. I liked the young stars who were cast in the movie, they’ve done a good job. I also found a new appreciation towards writing after seeing this. It had a kickass soundtrack! 8/10
  • SMASHED (James Ponsoldt)- This was my favorite out of the three. It was so good, in all levels. The cast, the plot, the scenes, the music! Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a teacher struggling to overcome her alcoholism, also lied about a pregnancy that cost her job. She was amazing here, I mean that part where she was talking to the prostitute she gave a ride home to and was offered to smoke crack, that was brilliant. Plus, the addition of Nick Offerman, Megan Mullaly, Aaron Paul & Octavia Spencer really did make this movie a spectacular one. Golden Globes (or even Oscars) anyone? Give her a nomination! 10/10

Stargazing at TIFF 2012!!!

So it was that time of year again. Celebrities, filmmakers, screenwriters,¬†producers¬†& fans all over the world come to Toronto first week of September to attend one of the most prestigious events the movie industry holds annually, TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. I got so excited & planned out everything, and thank God I got to see what I wanted, watched the movies I planned seeing & of course, enjoyed the festival! Below are pictures of celebrities I saw, THERE WERE A LOT OF THEM! Too many I’ll say, but I got to see who I really idolize & since they made it appoint to come here, might as well take my chance right?


  • Day 1 (Sept. 6)- ON THE ROAD premiere with Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst & Garrett Hedlund
  • Day 2 (Sept. 7)- IMOGENE premiere with Kristen Wiig & Darren Criss
  • Day 3 (Sept. 8)- SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK premiere with Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Chris Tucker & Bradley Cooper
  • Day 4 (Sept. 9)- AT ANY PRICE premiere with Dennis Quaid & Zac Efron
  • Day 5 (Sept. 10)- WRITERS 2nd screening with Greg Kinnear & Nat Wolff, TO THE WONDER premiere with Rachel McAdams & Olga Kurylenko.

* I have NEVER seen so many stars in 5 days, it’s so nuts! I also met new people who were in the same state of mind as I was, which I’ll say was really fun! I have to do this as an annual thing! Til next year!

Rihanna on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

I know it’s been weeks since the interview premiered, but I do have the time now to post what I felt after watching it. So many feelings, all for this one girl I truly admire, RIHANNA. She scored hit after hit, and there’s just more to come for this girl, like movie appearances, product endorsements and such. I love her so much you don’t even know.

I have never seen her cry like this (or cry at all for that matter), even after that interview with Barbara Walters circa 2009. I felt that she was angry that time, and like she went on a path after that, releasing the Rated R album which was full of dark & heavy tracks. I still loved her then, and even more now. With regards to the Chris Brown drama, I am just so proud of what she’s become, she is the essence of a strong woman who’s overcome such tragic events. I don;t know why people still bring it up to this day, it’s already been 3 years yo! That was something that happened to her, and we can definitely say BOTH of them come a long way after that, because there came a point where people stopped talking about it! One more thing I love: her ever changing looks, which I may say, REALLY DO WORK. I love her. This vulnerable side of Rihanna is so captivating, so moving. Also when she was talking about her father, her gran gran dolly, whom she loves dearly. She broke down! I was almost teary-eyed!

Rihanna is the best.