Rihanna on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

I know it’s been weeks since the interview premiered, but I do have the time now to post what I felt after watching it. So many feelings, all for this one girl I truly admire, RIHANNA. She scored hit after hit, and there’s just more to come for this girl, like movie appearances, product endorsements and such. I love her so much you don’t even know.

I have never seen her cry like this (or cry at all for that matter), even after that interview with Barbara Walters circa 2009. I felt that she was angry that time, and like she went on a path after that, releasing the Rated R album which was full of dark & heavy tracks. I still loved her then, and even more now. With regards to the Chris Brown drama, I am just so proud of what she’s become, she is the essence of a strong woman who’s overcome such tragic events. I don;t know why people still bring it up to this day, it’s already been 3 years yo! That was something that happened to her, and we can definitely say BOTH of them come a long way after that, because there came a point where people stopped talking about it! One more thing I love: her ever changing looks, which I may say, REALLY DO WORK. I love her. This vulnerable side of Rihanna is so captivating, so moving. Also when she was talking about her father, her gran gran dolly, whom she loves dearly. She broke down! I was almost teary-eyed!

Rihanna is the best.


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