Christmas Wishlist!


Aside from wanting to spend the Holidays in Manila, my hometown because I feel like the best Christmas is spent in the Philippines, and also wanting love, peace of mind and happiness, I actually invest myself in fashion & I would love to have these things as presents.

  • Topman printed sweatshirt
  • Vans authentic leopard print kicks
  • Paul Smith Jeans knapsack
  • Piperlime Original Penguin smoking blazer
  • Polaroid camera!

Would you be so kind to give me at least 3 of these? You know I’m kidding because if I really want something I will work hard for it.


Review: The Bay (2012)


This is one of the many movies I saw during my hiatus. I skipped this creature feature back when it premiered on TIFF Midnight Madness and I’m so glad I did because I would have walked out of the theatre especially with all the graphic hoo-haa and bloody gore this movie brought. While some people might be okay with it, I felt uncomfortable watching this all throughout because disease movies involving creatures COULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. I’m not even exaggerating. The fact that it was shot in a documentary, found-footage way really made it more authentic than it should look. It gave me goosebumps, it made me think about jumping in the cold water when next summer comes, and of course the hospital. I’d like to say that Barry Levinson gave his viewers the chills and thrills and he did a good job. I loved it. I am growing fond of horror movies. I wish there are more movies like this come next year. 8.5/10


If there’s such a word then you’d know I’m the one who coined it. Dibs. I started joining the Instagram community a little over a year ago. It was because these celebrities on twitter kept cross-posting their photos and I didn’t seem to understand what they were like, so when my brother got himself an IPod touch I made an account and started taking photos away like there was no tomorrow. I have posted a bunch of pics! It’s crazy, addicting & fun! There are days where I’m at a venue or an event and there’s an instant need to instagram everything I see, it becomes compulsive. There are also days where I just scroll and like pictures from people I follow & comment on them. Follow me here guys! In the meantime, here are a few picks from my Instagram!


If you guys have your own smart phone and what not, then come on and start using Instagram! Super fun! If you wanna know what & where your fave celebs & public figures are up to, then this is the place to be! I’m not trying to endorse or whatever but I’m just so giddy about it.

From MIA to Back Again & Blogging! (Lame-oh)

Look who’s back! I’m so sorry fellow wordpressers. This meme definitely can represent what I’m going through right now. It’s perfect! Anywho lemme give you a list of what’s going on lately.

  • New internship/job at a gaming website, I do research & I write celebrity news now.
  • The first one meant I have about zero time to actually even think of anything to write in my blogs.
  • Been juggling Harvey’s too.
  • Joined some meetup groups in Toronto. I’m excited to see how this goes.
  • Watched a lot of movies, will pick the ones worth reviewing & post it here.
  • Sent our VISA application to the embassy and we’re hopeful to make it by Christmas. Power of prayer & intention. Please Lord.
  • Hoping to get my new permanent resident card after having lost it.
  • Basically just doing my thing now. Some people let me down too much already, so I decided to like not talk to them for now.

So what’s up with you guys!?