If there’s such a word then you’d know I’m the one who coined it. Dibs. I started joining the Instagram community a little over a year ago. It was because these celebrities on twitter kept cross-posting their photos and I didn’t seem to understand what they were like, so when my brother got himself an IPod touch I made an account and started taking photos away like there was no tomorrow. I have posted a bunch of pics! It’s crazy, addicting & fun! There are days where I’m at a venue or an event and there’s an instant need to instagram everything I see, it becomes compulsive. There are also days where I just scroll and like pictures from people I follow & comment on them. Follow me here guys! In the meantime, here are a few picks from my Instagram!


If you guys have your own smart phone and what not, then come on and start using Instagram! Super fun! If you wanna know what & where your fave celebs & public figures are up to, then this is the place to be! I’m not trying to endorse or whatever but I’m just so giddy about it.


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