From MIA to Back Again & Blogging! (Lame-oh)

Look who’s back! I’m so sorry fellow wordpressers. This meme definitely can represent what I’m going through right now. It’s perfect! Anywho lemme give you a list of what’s going on lately.

  • New internship/job at a gaming website, I do research & I write celebrity news now.
  • The first one meant I have about zero time to actually even think of anything to write in my blogs.
  • Been juggling Harvey’s too.
  • Joined some meetup groups in Toronto. I’m excited to see how this goes.
  • Watched a lot of movies, will pick the ones worth reviewing & post it here.
  • Sent our VISA application to the embassy and we’re hopeful to make it by Christmas. Power of prayer & intention. Please Lord.
  • Hoping to get my new permanent resident card after having lost it.
  • Basically just doing my thing now. Some people let me down too much already, so I decided to like not talk to them for now.

So what’s up with you guys!?


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