My thoughts on Miss Philippines’ second place finish.

Miss Philippines 2012


Last night was truly remarkable (please put up with my exaggerations) because for yet another year, my country’s representative for the most prestigious pageant all-year has made it to the top 5! Her name is Janine Tugonon , 23 years old & she just made Filipinos all over the world very proud. Her look resembles to former candidate Miriam Quiambao, her energy & charisma is amazing. I was so happy when she was called into the top 10, then even happier when they announced the final 5. I was almost wishing the other girls would mess up just so she could win but that’s unfair so I removed all my bad thoughts. Then came the question & answer part, I was taken aback when Nigel Barker asked his question because I dunno if it will get to Janine’s mind that quick & if she’ll be able to give a quick answer but thank God, and I mean it SHE GAVE THE BEST ANSWER ANYONE COULD HAVE THOUGHT IN THEIR HEADS. This girl is smart, and a very instant thinker. I loved it. Then came the coronation and of course I predicted that her name won’t be called in the 4th, 3rd or even 2nd place because I know she deserved that crown…then there 2 left, Miss USA (who is gorgeous but whose answer was womp womp), and Miss Philippines, I was so ready for her name to be called as the Miss Universe but on a sudden turn of events, which nobody saw coming, they called miss USA! What a shame! UGHHHHH. I mean I don’t hate her, I just didn’t like the decision the judges made. It’s crazy when you’re so close, yet so far. My twitter feed was full of angry, bitter sentiments (I admit, I felt for them). HOME COURT ADVANTAGE.

No matter the outcome was, we are still very proud of you Janine!



Last week was a really terrible week, not for myself but for the people that this blog post is dedicated to: First off, my friend Walther, we work together in a restaurant. Met him November of last year, and I knew right off the bat this guy’s been through a lot. To top it all off, the stories I hear from co-workers and such. He actually lost him mom last Thursday, her fight with cancer was unbearable and it was on its last stage. Before that happened, he was also going to court hearings for his brother & his relationship with his girl and their son is on the rocks. This made me realize that life is unfair for some people, they work hard & they do what they have to do but they always get the short end of the stick. I felt horrible about his mother’s passing, because when I found out initially that she was brought to the hospital I kept telling Walther that everything’s gonna be okay, the doctors will do whatever they can (which I’m sure they did but the illness itself is a killer). I appreciate all his hardwork for his family, and he’s really a strong person. I wish him happiness, though he may not get it now but in the future I believe he will definitely.

Another thing that shocked the world, was the Sandy Hook mass shooting in Newton, Connecticut. It happened last Friday around 8-9 in the morning. I found out about it thru twitter, and as I read every bit of info I saw, I felt sick to my stomach, I had goosebumps all over me & I was just utterly heartbroken. What could compel someone to take a gun, go to a school, shoot people? This 20-year old man is a monster. I have no words. I just feel so bad for everyone affected, especially parents whose kids are killed. Innocent little souls. Also some teachers, and apparently a woman who was the shooter’s mom. May their souls rest in peace. It had to happen right before Christmas. (and it shouldn’t have ever happened).

What a week it was. My prayers go out to everyone out there. Stay strong.

Trends for 2012: SONGS WE LOVE


So I grabbed this from

As much of a music listener as I am, I do keep myself updated with songs that rule the charts, are played on the radio and what not. I think this is indeed a good breakdown of songs that were popular this year. I would have put ONE THING by One Direction, BROKEN HEARTED by Karmin, STRONGER by Kelly Clarkson, GANGNAM STYLE by Psy, WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER by Taylor Swift & GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK by Demi Lovato. They’re played every time, don’t tell me you don’t know these songs! But yeah, with my experience as a radio jock about 2-3 years ago, I grew fond of the CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO style of music, and they’re all very catchy and lively so I don’t understand other people’s hate towards that kind of music.

*This is such a random post.  I’m still thinking what I’m gonna write about for today’s 12.12.12 special.

Playing For The Other Team

So me & this girl have been sort-of-dating. We talk a lot, we flirt, and what have you. I really like her. I can tell she’s into me too. She gives me words of encouragement, and I do the same for her as we fight our battles (that’s deep). We already call each other names. I really feel like this might work out.

For about a week or two we kind of stopped talking to each other, because we were both busy and she spent time with her family, which is good. Yesterday I hit her up and asked her how she was and stuff like that, then she goes off telling me that she’s playing for the other team! You know what I mean. I’ll give you hints: Santana Lopez, Ellen Degeneres, LGBT. There. I had no idea. My world came crashing down a bit.

I mean of course, who wouldn’t feel that way once someone you like breaks news to you that all along she was something you had no idea about? It was shocking for me, though while we were talking she tells me it’s been a while since she decided to be like that (not that it was a choice, but it’s who she is). So I thought that maybe I didn’t really know her all this time. She apologized for leading me on, but I told her that no one should ever be sorry for being a certain way, and that she didn’t lead me on. I guess I was just utterly surprised, because she initially thought I was also playing for the other team when we started. That was just so epic for me. But my feelings for her didn’t change, I guess I discovered that I don’t have the heart to judge people, based on their sexual preference. We’re still in good terms. No hard feelings.

Now that’s something to share right?

Review: 10 Years (2012)

10 Years Movie PosterBasically this is a high school reunion movie, and if you think from the moment you saw the trailer that it would possibly flop & suck because it’s a group of high school classmates all grown up now & coming together, then I must say you’re actually wrong. I really loved it. It’s borderline clichéd, and may I say there’s no wow moments (except for when Kate Mara’s character found out that Oscar Isaac’s Reeves actually wrote his hit song for her)  but the lightness of the story and the characters bring life to this all-star ensemble. Good points were: Oscar Isaac & Kate Mara, they look hot together, the Jenna Dewan-Channing Tatum-Rosario Dawson subtle love triangle really worked, plus the back story was perfect. Aubrey Plaza & Brian Geraghty were really fun. I loved the whole white boy hip hop thing. Justin Long, Max Minghella & Lynn Collins, their story was vague at first but for me it had the most heart. Overall, I highly recommend this movie for all you people. It’s heartwarming, funny & very likable. Without a doubt a 9/10 rating.