Review: 10 Years (2012)

10 Years Movie PosterBasically this is a high school reunion movie, and if you think from the moment you saw the trailer that it would possibly flop & suck because it’s a group of high school classmates all grown up now & coming together, then I must say you’re actually wrong. I really loved it. It’s borderline clichéd, and may I say there’s no wow moments (except for when Kate Mara’s character found out that Oscar Isaac’s Reeves actually wrote his hit song for her)  but the lightness of the story and the characters bring life to this all-star ensemble. Good points were: Oscar Isaac & Kate Mara, they look hot together, the Jenna Dewan-Channing Tatum-Rosario Dawson subtle love triangle really worked, plus the back story was perfect. Aubrey Plaza & Brian Geraghty were really fun. I loved the whole white boy hip hop thing. Justin Long, Max Minghella & Lynn Collins, their story was vague at first but for me it had the most heart. Overall, I highly recommend this movie for all you people. It’s heartwarming, funny & very likable. Without a doubt a 9/10 rating.


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