Playing For The Other Team

So me & this girl have been sort-of-dating. We talk a lot, we flirt, and what have you. I really like her. I can tell she’s into me too. She gives me words of encouragement, and I do the same for her as we fight our battles (that’s deep). We already call each other names. I really feel like this might work out.

For about a week or two we kind of stopped talking to each other, because we were both busy and she spent time with her family, which is good. Yesterday I hit her up and asked her how she was and stuff like that, then she goes off telling me that she’s playing for the other team! You know what I mean. I’ll give you hints: Santana Lopez, Ellen Degeneres, LGBT. There. I had no idea. My world came crashing down a bit.

I mean of course, who wouldn’t feel that way once someone you like breaks news to you that all along she was something you had no idea about? It was shocking for me, though while we were talking she tells me it’s been a while since she decided to be like that (not that it was a choice, but it’s who she is). So I thought that maybe I didn’t really know her all this time. She apologized for leading me on, but I told her that no one should ever be sorry for being a certain way, and that she didn’t lead me on. I guess I was just utterly surprised, because she initially thought I was also playing for the other team when we started. That was just so epic for me. But my feelings for her didn’t change, I guess I discovered that I don’t have the heart to judge people, based on their sexual preference. We’re still in good terms. No hard feelings.

Now that’s something to share right?


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