Last week was a really terrible week, not for myself but for the people that this blog post is dedicated to: First off, my friend Walther, we work together in a restaurant. Met him November of last year, and I knew right off the bat this guy’s been through a lot. To top it all off, the stories I hear from co-workers and such. He actually lost him mom last Thursday, her fight with cancer was unbearable and it was on its last stage. Before that happened, he was also going to court hearings for his brother & his relationship with his girl and their son is on the rocks. This made me realize that life is unfair for some people, they work hard & they do what they have to do but they always get the short end of the stick. I felt horrible about his mother’s passing, because when I found out initially that she was brought to the hospital I kept telling Walther that everything’s gonna be okay, the doctors will do whatever they can (which I’m sure they did but the illness itself is a killer). I appreciate all his hardwork for his family, and he’s really a strong person. I wish him happiness, though he may not get it now but in the future I believe he will definitely.

Another thing that shocked the world, was the Sandy Hook mass shooting in Newton, Connecticut. It happened last Friday around 8-9 in the morning. I found out about it thru twitter, and as I read every bit of info I saw, I felt sick to my stomach, I had goosebumps all over me & I was just utterly heartbroken. What could compel someone to take a gun, go to a school, shoot people? This 20-year old man is a monster. I have no words. I just feel so bad for everyone affected, especially parents whose kids are killed. Innocent little souls. Also some teachers, and apparently a woman who was the shooter’s mom. May their souls rest in peace. It had to happen right before Christmas. (and it shouldn’t have ever happened).

What a week it was. My prayers go out to everyone out there. Stay strong.


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