My thoughts on Miss Philippines’ second place finish.

Miss Philippines 2012


Last night was truly remarkable (please put up with my exaggerations) because for yet another year, my country’s representative for the most prestigious pageant all-year has made it to the top 5! Her name is Janine Tugonon , 23 years old & she just made Filipinos all over the world very proud. Her look resembles to former candidate Miriam Quiambao, her energy & charisma is amazing. I was so happy when she was called into the top 10, then even happier when they announced the final 5. I was almost wishing the other girls would mess up just so she could win but that’s unfair so I removed all my bad thoughts. Then came the question & answer part, I was taken aback when Nigel Barker asked his question because I dunno if it will get to Janine’s mind that quick & if she’ll be able to give a quick answer but thank God, and I mean it SHE GAVE THE BEST ANSWER ANYONE COULD HAVE THOUGHT IN THEIR HEADS. This girl is smart, and a very instant thinker. I loved it. Then came the coronation and of course I predicted that her name won’t be called in the 4th, 3rd or even 2nd place because I know she deserved that crown…then there 2 left, Miss USA (who is gorgeous but whose answer was womp womp), and Miss Philippines, I was so ready for her name to be called as the Miss Universe but on a sudden turn of events, which nobody saw coming, they called miss USA! What a shame! UGHHHHH. I mean I don’t hate her, I just didn’t like the decision the judges made. It’s crazy when you’re so close, yet so far. My twitter feed was full of angry, bitter sentiments (I admit, I felt for them). HOME COURT ADVANTAGE.

No matter the outcome was, we are still very proud of you Janine!


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