Review: Les Miserables (2012)


I saw this earlier in the month but somehow didn’t put up a review ’til now. I apologize. It’s because I am still in awe about this musical phenomenon brought to cinema. 2 hours, 37 minutes long. I might have dozed off in some parts but on my second viewing, I was in utter delight about it. It’s THAT GOOD.

Anne Hathaway is MAGNIFICENT. Her single take for “I Dreamed A Dream” is flawless and unbelievable heart-wrenching. She deserved her awards. Hugh Jackman’s transformation is perfect, also deserving. Russell Crowe, is same old great Russell. Amanda Seyfried is stunning & eradescent. The supporting actors like the one who played Eponine, Aaron Tveit, the little blonde kid & Eddie Redmayne and of course, Sasha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter were just as incredible too. Samantha Barks (Eponine) shined so brightly in her two numbers, especially “On My Own”. Totes amaze!

When I was younger I have always been interested in Les Mis due to the fact that I saw a very thick book in my uncle’s library and it said the words “Les Miserables”, I didn’t know how to read it but as time went on I found out its meaning, its history & that it is a work of fiction that became a hit musical. I came in thinking that I was only going to hear some songs but the whole movie was all about the singing & I loved it. Teared up at some scenes, because I am human. I really loved it. But seriously, it’s a wonderful, emotional cinematic experience that somehow made me wish I was a theatre actor who can sing. It swept some awards at the Golden Globes & Screen Actors Guild! Next up, the Oscars! Tom Hooper you’re fantastic. I will re-watch this that’s for sure!


Ping Pong Pool Party!

A Brooklyn-based studio Red Paper Heart was asked by UrbanDaddy to make something interactive at the same time it being underwater. Sounds difficult? Well since pools are not projection ready surfaces, they immediately scratched that off their plans. We can also say that people stand in pools than actually swimming on them. Their solution was to cover the entire surface of the pool with 65,000 ping pong balls! Isn’t that amazing?! Check this video out! I absolutely find this amusing, fun and all kinds of great! Look at how people were enjoying their time in the pool plus that encore performance! It’s totes amaze!

Current TV obsessions!

Girls-Banner-500x294It took me a while to write my top picks for TV because basically I gave up on some shows and I was looking for new ones to get obsessed about. I found 3 amazing shows.

*HBO’s Girls: Now this show is f***** amazing. I can’t even put it into words. SERIOUSLY. It’s generally a show about 4 girls in New York trying to balance life, love & careers. My mind went to Sex & The City for a second but this is the young adult version I guess? It’s written by the amazing Lena Dunham & it already won multiple awards on the Golden Globes (beating out Modern Family & Glee, it was about time!). IT’S CRAZY GOOD. The characters are offbeat in a way that you still root for them to end up happy. My favorite’s gotta be Marnie (played by the gorgeous Allison Williams), and Soshana comes to a close second. Hannah is the main girl but we already know her story & that she’s a superhero while Jessa is someone I have to still like, and I know I’ll get there. The fact that I was in New York and I saw some ads for this show made me a little interested, and since I started watching it, you can say I’m hooked!

Portlandia-213221*Portlandia: I cannot say enough how weird this show is. It’s basically a mixed bag of skits of how people live their lives in a particular city (YES, PORTLAND, OREGON). It stars the duo of Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein, whom I find really quirky and absolutely hilarious. I started watching while I was in New York too, and it did made me a little more fascinated because I found it weirdly funny! The cameos in this show are countless, we see Sarah Mclachlan, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Goldblum, and a lot more! The skits are ridiculously funny & while people will find this strange, I think it’s a hidden gem that deserves more viewers. Thanks Maxine for recommending me this absolutely riotous and quirky show!

Deception-Season-1_1352024565*Deception: Of course I have to add a crime drama. It’s just mandatory. This show’s pilot premiered last year & I am very much delighted that Meagan Good (who I think is one of the most gorgeous actresses ever) is the lead in this show. I have never seen an episode of Revenge, but people say this is somehow a ripoff from that show. I read Revenge’s premise, and this show I tell you is NOTHING like it. The only thing similar is the rich family that is the center of all of what’s going on. Anyway, there are LOTS of eye candy, whether it be a girl or guy, they’re just beautiful, and yes I mean BEAUTIFUL people. The little twist that happened in episode 2 was not something I was expecting, and it shook me! I knew right then that I’m gonna stick around til the end! Meagan Good is in the good because of this show.


This is totally random but I’ve been meaning to write about them for a long time now. Here it goes. I am lucky to have such wonderful grandmothers whom I love very much. Sadly, their spouses have passed on already and I grew up without meeting one of them and the other got sick when I was 8 and unfortunately met his demise. It would have been great to see them up, and share memories. I remember this one time my mother told me about I was still a little tot and we were all sleeping in the same bed with my older brother and her, she woke up in the middle of the night because she couldn’t see me anymore laying on the bed, then she kept looking for me & found me under the bed playing with what seemed like an imaginary friend (I know, it’s kind of creepy), but she knew it was my grandpa, whom I never met. I guess it was his way of wanting to see me.

My other grandfather, we would always visit their home every Christmas when we were kids, and he actually did look like my dad. He got very sick one day & we just found out that he was too weak and he had to go. My grandmothers are still alive and strong, thank God for that. I know part of them wish their husbands are still alive. I miss them, though I never really knew them that well. God please take care of my grandfathers, and please let my grandmothers live longer.

My New York Experience In Square Photos!

I know, my hiatus has been far too long (not that I expect people to actually tell me to blog again). But I gotta tell you, New York was so much fun! It’s everything I expected it to be: dirty, busy, loud, very urban & of course, amazing. Here are some pictures!


My uncle lives in the Lower East Side so that’s when we stayed for almost a week! It was nothing short of my expectations. I’m a guy who loves to walk around a place I’ve never been before & just taking everything in, buying items that I find amusing, taking photos along the way & posting them to Instagram (you know it). It’s a bit cold by this time of year so probably when we come back later this year we’d be having twice the fun!


So there you go folks! I’d like to say one thing before I end this, I would LOVE to live here if I don’t make it back to Manila. It’s very ideal yet kind of expensive but you can almost do anything in New York, You know that song Empire State of Mind? This adventure really proved that it is INDEED the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s NOTHING you can’t do. Til the next awesome trip!