This is totally random but I’ve been meaning to write about them for a long time now. Here it goes. I am lucky to have such wonderful grandmothers whom I love very much. Sadly, their spouses have passed on already and I grew up without meeting one of them and the other got sick when I was 8 and unfortunately met his demise. It would have been great to see them up, and share memories. I remember this one time my mother told me about I was still a little tot and we were all sleeping in the same bed with my older brother and her, she woke up in the middle of the night because she couldn’t see me anymore laying on the bed, then she kept looking for me & found me under the bed playing with what seemed like an imaginary friend (I know, it’s kind of creepy), but she knew it was my grandpa, whom I never met. I guess it was his way of wanting to see me.

My other grandfather, we would always visit their home every Christmas when we were kids, and he actually did look like my dad. He got very sick one day & we just found out that he was too weak and he had to go. My grandmothers are still alive and strong, thank God for that. I know part of them wish their husbands are still alive. I miss them, though I never really knew them that well. God please take care of my grandfathers, and please let my grandmothers live longer.


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