Current TV obsessions!

Girls-Banner-500x294It took me a while to write my top picks for TV because basically I gave up on some shows and I was looking for new ones to get obsessed about. I found 3 amazing shows.

*HBO’s Girls: Now this show is f***** amazing. I can’t even put it into words. SERIOUSLY. It’s generally a show about 4 girls in New York trying to balance life, love & careers. My mind went to Sex & The City for a second but this is the young adult version I guess? It’s written by the amazing Lena Dunham & it already won multiple awards on the Golden Globes (beating out Modern Family & Glee, it was about time!). IT’S CRAZY GOOD. The characters are offbeat in a way that you still root for them to end up happy. My favorite’s gotta be Marnie (played by the gorgeous Allison Williams), and Soshana comes to a close second. Hannah is the main girl but we already know her story & that she’s a superhero while Jessa is someone I have to still like, and I know I’ll get there. The fact that I was in New York and I saw some ads for this show made me a little interested, and since I started watching it, you can say I’m hooked!

Portlandia-213221*Portlandia: I cannot say enough how weird this show is. It’s basically a mixed bag of skits of how people live their lives in a particular city (YES, PORTLAND, OREGON). It stars the duo of Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein, whom I find really quirky and absolutely hilarious. I started watching while I was in New York too, and it did made me a little more fascinated because I found it weirdly funny! The cameos in this show are countless, we see Sarah Mclachlan, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Goldblum, and a lot more! The skits are ridiculously funny & while people will find this strange, I think it’s a hidden gem that deserves more viewers. Thanks Maxine for recommending me this absolutely riotous and quirky show!

Deception-Season-1_1352024565*Deception: Of course I have to add a crime drama. It’s just mandatory. This show’s pilot premiered last year & I am very much delighted that Meagan Good (who I think is one of the most gorgeous actresses ever) is the lead in this show. I have never seen an episode of Revenge, but people say this is somehow a ripoff from that show. I read Revenge’s premise, and this show I tell you is NOTHING like it. The only thing similar is the rich family that is the center of all of what’s going on. Anyway, there are LOTS of eye candy, whether it be a girl or guy, they’re just beautiful, and yes I mean BEAUTIFUL people. The little twist that happened in episode 2 was not something I was expecting, and it shook me! I knew right then that I’m gonna stick around til the end! Meagan Good is in the good because of this show.


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