Review: Les Miserables (2012)


I saw this earlier in the month but somehow didn’t put up a review ’til now. I apologize. It’s because I am still in awe about this musical phenomenon brought to cinema. 2 hours, 37 minutes long. I might have dozed off in some parts but on my second viewing, I was in utter delight about it. It’s THAT GOOD.

Anne Hathaway is MAGNIFICENT. Her single take for “I Dreamed A Dream” is flawless and unbelievable heart-wrenching. She deserved her awards. Hugh Jackman’s transformation is perfect, also deserving. Russell Crowe, is same old great Russell. Amanda Seyfried is stunning & eradescent. The supporting actors like the one who played Eponine, Aaron Tveit, the little blonde kid & Eddie Redmayne and of course, Sasha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter were just as incredible too. Samantha Barks (Eponine) shined so brightly in her two numbers, especially “On My Own”. Totes amaze!

When I was younger I have always been interested in Les Mis due to the fact that I saw a very thick book in my uncle’s library and it said the words “Les Miserables”, I didn’t know how to read it but as time went on I found out its meaning, its history & that it is a work of fiction that became a hit musical. I came in thinking that I was only going to hear some songs but the whole movie was all about the singing & I loved it. Teared up at some scenes, because I am human. I really loved it. But seriously, it’s a wonderful, emotional cinematic experience that somehow made me wish I was a theatre actor who can sing. It swept some awards at the Golden Globes & Screen Actors Guild! Next up, the Oscars! Tom Hooper you’re fantastic. I will re-watch this that’s for sure!


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