Oscars 2013: My thoughts

oscars2013And just like that, the Awards season 2013 is over. This certainly has been a year of great films (well I mean last year is, and they were given recognition this year), and I will say, that I became an Oscar-GG-SAG-Grammys junkie after witnessing all of them this 2013. Anyway, let’s recap what happened last night. Bullet form. My opinions.

  • The news/idea that Seth Macfarlane hosting this year is better than Seth Macfarlane actually hosting. It was very strange for me. His jokes were not right, there were moments where he couldn’t speak because he was laughing at his own jokes (i.e the Django Unchained segue to Rihanna & Chris Brown’s relationship, where he got booed, that’s when I knew I was over it)
  • Opening sequence: quite alright. William Shatner was a delight. Charlize Theron & Channing Tatum dancing was amazing. Daniel Radcliffe & Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing with Seth was bearable. The song with the choir was quite good. It was a long intro.
  • Christoph Waltz won for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR. Just found out it’s his 2nd win in three years. That’s amazing.
  • Paul Rudd & Melissa McCarthy: Love them both. Their presenting was awkward though! I still love them.
  • The 5 guys from Avengers hit the stage to present. BADASS.
  • The singing part was definitely enjoyable. Loved the Les Mis cast, loved J.Hud too! Adele also won! 3rd time hitting the stage for, she did it on the Golden Globes too, and the Grammys. I love her! This year the Oscars had a theme called MUSIC IN FILM, which was definitely highlighted throughout the show. I give them props for that.
  • I was kind of bored when some awards were presented, because I wish the Academy would get rid of some of these awards and just give them in private or something, or maybe another award for the technical department. That’s just me.
  • The fashion. My best dressed actresses were: JESSICA CHASTAIN, JANE FONDA, KERRY WASHINGTON, SALLY FIELD & NAOMI WATTS. Won’t discuss the worst ones.
  • ANNE HATHAWAY wins BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. It was expected. In my head I wished SALLY FIELD was gonna bag it, because she’s awesome (may I mention she made out with Seth MacFarlane in the opening bit?). Anne was very graceful yet I knew she was gonna say all the things on her speech, loved that short bit about her husband though.
  • Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey & Norah Jones all hit the stage. One for the IN MEMORIAM segment to honor late greats, then one for the BOND tribute, then a TED theme song. Fabulous women.
  • Seth’s jokes got better as it also did get shorter because they were cramping everything up to finish on time.
  • CHARLIZE THERON & DUSTIN HOFFMAN. She’s like a goddess. So gorgeous.
  • DANIEL RADCLIFFE & KRISTEN STEWART. K-Stew hopping and trying to walk properly. I wish she recovers soon.
  • LIFE OF PI bagging awards! I have to see it now. Ang Lee proves he’s an amazing director.
  • JEAN DUJARDIN presented the Best Actress Award to…JENNIFER LAWRENCE. She actually tumbled on the flight of steps. I felt bad for her! But then she kept her composure. I was actually shocked as I expected EMMANUELLE RIVA or CHASTAIN or even NAOMI. Sorry.
  • MERYL STREEP presented the Best Actor award to…DANIEL DAY LEWIS. Without even reading the envelope. It was expected because he is a great actor. His speech was incredible, the humor made sense. He then said the award is for his mom. Lovely.
  • JACK NICHOLSON presented the BEST FILM with MICHELLE OBAMA (how random). It went to ARGO! I love it, because I was expecting it. Ben definitely deserved it. He choked up when he said his speech. It was very endearing.

That’s the 411 about last night’s Oscars.


Beyonce’s Show aka Super Bowl XLVII!


So last night I witnessed Super Bowl XLVII aka the night where Beyonce SHUT SHIT DOWN. Bear with me guys I am a fan (not a stan okay), but yea where do we start? When I found out Pepsi picked Beyonce to perform for the halftime show, I was thrilled! Last year it was Madonna (which I found okay, it was solid as what fans would say & that’s expected), and the year before that The Black Eyed Peas (who are long forgotten now). But yes, I just watched this because Bey was gonna be performing and we heard news that there was going to be a Destiny’s Child reunion! It did happen.

So her entrance was fierce, and while she was walking the stage I just knew it was going to be on record as one of the best in recent history. Same old songs, her popular hits were set list (not that there was anything wrong with it). She maintained her diva status all throughout that 15-minute performance. I can conclude that this woman is not human & I know for a fact that you all agree with me. No one does it like her! The Destiny’s Child reunion was a tad bit too short but, it was really nice seeing Kelly & Michelle (whom both entrances let us know HOLD UP, WE BACK!). Special mention to Jennifer Hudson & Alicia Keys who were both fantastic as well. These ladies brought the heat. It was great.

Oh wait, the Baltimore Ravens won 34 against the San Francisco 49ers (31).

Glee: “Naked”

So last night’s Glee was definitely stripped down, most likely literally in some parts & I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. Let’s narrow it down to the good parts:

  • The song list was one of the best they’ve covered in recent history. Lea Michele’s “Torn” with her old self & new, more confident present day self having a duet: it was perfection. Jacob Artist’s “Let Me Love You” was surprisingly likeable. The gang’s “This Is The New Year” is a favorite too while “Love Song” by the three ever-so-amazing bad bitches Rachel, Quinn & Santana was hands down my ultimate dream cover that came true & they couldn’t have a much more perfect scene to align the song with.
  • Could we talk about how hot & sexy this cast is? Except for the you-know-who’s, but Sam, Ryder, Jake, Brittany, Rachel, Brody & my Blaine. For some parts, it came off like they were trying to be self-indulgent, I mean what;s the point of them feeling like losers and going to a way different mindset just for this episode?
  • Sam & Blaine= BLAM is growing on me. I have a feeling they’ll kiss.
  • Props to Rachel’s character finally getting the hang of Miss Independent in NYC plot.
  • Finn is getting thinner y’all. Glad to see Quinn & Santana having Rachel’s best interest at heart too. All in all, this will go down as one of my favorites in season 4! I love it.

I already have a copy of this episode once I feel the itch to re-watch!