Glee: “Naked”

So last night’s Glee was definitely stripped down, most likely literally in some parts & I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. Let’s narrow it down to the good parts:

  • The song list was one of the best they’ve covered in recent history. Lea Michele’s “Torn” with her old self & new, more confident present day self having a duet: it was perfection. Jacob Artist’s “Let Me Love You” was surprisingly likeable. The gang’s “This Is The New Year” is a favorite too while “Love Song” by the three ever-so-amazing bad bitches Rachel, Quinn & Santana was hands down my ultimate dream cover that came true & they couldn’t have a much more perfect scene to align the song with.
  • Could we talk about how hot & sexy this cast is? Except for the you-know-who’s, but Sam, Ryder, Jake, Brittany, Rachel, Brody & my Blaine. For some parts, it came off like they were trying to be self-indulgent, I mean what;s the point of them feeling like losers and going to a way different mindset just for this episode?
  • Sam & Blaine= BLAM is growing on me. I have a feeling they’ll kiss.
  • Props to Rachel’s character finally getting the hang of Miss Independent in NYC plot.
  • Finn is getting thinner y’all. Glad to see Quinn & Santana having Rachel’s best interest at heart too. All in all, this will go down as one of my favorites in season 4! I love it.

I already have a copy of this episode once I feel the itch to re-watch!


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