Beyonce’s Show aka Super Bowl XLVII!


So last night I witnessed Super Bowl XLVII aka the night where Beyonce SHUT SHIT DOWN. Bear with me guys I am a fan (not a stan okay), but yea where do we start? When I found out Pepsi picked Beyonce to perform for the halftime show, I was thrilled! Last year it was Madonna (which I found okay, it was solid as what fans would say & that’s expected), and the year before that The Black Eyed Peas (who are long forgotten now). But yes, I just watched this because Bey was gonna be performing and we heard news that there was going to be a Destiny’s Child reunion! It did happen.

So her entrance was fierce, and while she was walking the stage I just knew it was going to be on record as one of the best in recent history. Same old songs, her popular hits were set list (not that there was anything wrong with it). She maintained her diva status all throughout that 15-minute performance. I can conclude that this woman is not human & I know for a fact that you all agree with me. No one does it like her! The Destiny’s Child reunion was a tad bit too short but, it was really nice seeing Kelly & Michelle (whom both entrances let us know HOLD UP, WE BACK!). Special mention to Jennifer Hudson & Alicia Keys who were both fantastic as well. These ladies brought the heat. It was great.

Oh wait, the Baltimore Ravens won 34 against the San Francisco 49ers (31).


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