Stars & stripes on blue skies.

Stars & stripes on blue skies.

Spring is coming. Don’t you just feel cheery and ecstatic to get rid of the black jackets you’ve been donning all winter? It’s about time to get into bright and non-neutral outfits. This set includes:

VANS lace up shoes / FOSSIL jewelry / Acne Oahu stripe shirt / RODA Oblong scarf /SUNSPEL Polka Dot Pocket Crew T-Shirt/ Criminal Damage Men’s Grey Ish Jogger Elasticated Cuff Jeans / 1069 in Cloud White

*I know for a fact I won’t be able to afford even 2 of these pieces. Because I’m thrifty like that. I find my way around sales and bargains, and it works for me, my last shopping trip was last December. Yes. I think I was able to realize that buying new clothes often doesn’t really make sense to me anymore, that more important things are supposed to be saved for, and you could help people with the money. This year, I’m growing fond of being able to just work with what I’ve got, and mixing and matching.


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