UP student’s suicide over unpaid tuition

MANILA, Philippines — An official from the University of the Philippines (UP) Manila admitted crying over the student who committed suicide Friday, two days after she was forced to go on leave for failure to pay tuition on time. (Read more…)

*The 16-year-old Tejada, daughter of a part-time taxi driver and housewife, availed herself a loan amounting to P6,377 which was due at the end of October 2012 or before the second semester enrolment. UP Manila gave three extensions for her to settle the bill. Tejada was able to pay off this loan in December 19, making her eligible for another loan. Again, the behavioral sciences student was not able to pay her tuition for the second semester and she appealed only on January 23, 2013, or nine weeks into the current term. Tejada filed for a leave of absence in March 13, two days before she committed suicide through deliberate ingestion of silver jewelry cleaner. (Read more)

My thoughts:

I am saddened by this news, I felt speechless when I first saw a tweet of the said incident. I felt bad for the girl’s family you know, it’s devastating. I believe that no student should be deprived of education if they couldn’t pay on time! Plus there were reports of this student asking the school office to re-bracket her loans but they said she wasn’t able to give supporting documents so they weren’t able to do it. I think that UP is one of the cheapest universities in Manila, and it became otherwise because fees started to get higher, and students who can’t make ends meet worry about their future, and they shouldn’t have to. Rest in peace to the girl, and condolences to her family/friends.


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