Dear Universe

This may totally come off self-indulgent and very selfish but I just really need to vent. So here it goes. (this is not an open letter)

I got accepted to a summer program in NYU (yes, New York University), I was planning to take the 6-week Journalism course. I went over the details and found it to be a perfect opportunity. What I didn’t consider is the tuition, that apparently is very expensive: $1200 per unit, and I need 6. I couldn’t afford it. I was upset of course! My uncle advised me to just look for another option maybe here in Toronto. My folks and I argued so much about it, I was really angry. I was hoping to win some kind of prize money somewhere so i can support myself, but maybe I’m doing it for the wrong reasons. I hate myself.

It’s just that I want at my age of 21, and not having to finish my university degree which I’m very passionate about I just feel like it would be a really good opportunity YET a pricy one at that matter. I would love to take a risk. There’s no support from anyone, and apparently I’m becoming the black sheep/bitch in the family. This is an incredibly critical stage in a person’s life and I just want to be independent yet in good terms with everyone, not stepping on toes. I feel like Marnie in season 2, who’s clearly a mess.

*I feel like I need to see things in a different perspective, and I don’t have that yet.


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