Movie Review: THE END OF LOVE (2013)


I think that I’ve been doing quite well with my March Movie Project. I may not post a lot in here, but you can definitely check out my movie reviews on my Letterboxd account (FOLLOW ME TOO HONEY BOO BOOS), it’s an online film journal. Anyway, I felt compelled to post my review for Mark Webber’s THE END OF LOVE in here because I highly recommend it, and I think it’s one of the saddest movies ever in recent memory.

Synopsis:  It tells the story of struggling actor, Mark (played by writer/director Mark Webber), who is forced to grapple with his inability to grow up when the mother of his two-year-old son Isaac suddenly passes away. As he kindles a relationship with a young single mother, he begins to realize that he can no longer remain in denial about the real-life consequences his choices have on Isaac.

My take on it: When I first saw the trailer, I was like “I’m gonna need a box of tissues for this”. It already felt depressing at that point, and I waited for it to come out in theatres. When I finally caught it yesterday online I was really excited. The movie itself is crossing the lines of reality and fiction when it comes to characters, Amanda Seyfried, Michael Cera, Jocelin Donahue, Aubrey Plaza and Jason Ritter all played themselves, while Shannyn Sossamon didn’t (in fact, it would have been awesome if she played herself because she is also a mother of two). The first few minutes already built up the path it would lead, and I was so drawn to the movie because the little kid is too adorable to ignore, and Mark Webber plays the character with so much torment and agony. The things that happened in this movie are very realistic, even though we sometimes don’t feel for the people living in L.A (they are humans too). Especially when his car got towed and he had to pay a big amount of money which he just got, and when his roommates kicked him off. That was so sad. Bottomline, I can’t say I enjoyed it, because that would be a wrong word. I can say I loved it, and I felt for the father and son. You should see it guys.


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