Amanda Bynes

Amanda BynesI’m blogging about this because she was basically a part (even just a little tiny bit) of my childhood. I was a big fan, and you can say still am. I used to watch reruns and even marathons (when they did have it on weekends) of The Amanda Show, one of Nickelodeon’s best shows EVER. I also caught a lot of her movies like Lovewrecked, She’s The Man, Sydney White and the most recent one (even though it’s been a little over two years), Easy A. To me, she was instantly (or if not, one) of the most charming and easily funny young ladies in her generation. Not to mention that smile and that laugh.

It took me by surprise to see all these fabrications by the media about her attitude and living conditions. Then it immediately spun way out of control- with her tweets being taken out of context, people had this idea that she’s gone cuckoo or whatever. All this time I was thinking “why can’t people just leave her alone?”, I mean she wasn’t attracting publicity if only for those pictures she posted, people all over twitter make it too big a deal. That’s one of the cons of using social media, people are always all over your business. Then a lot of memes (made by lowlife suckers) have circulated around the net, which I can tell reached her too.

What I’m basically trying to say with this entry is, some people are just living so vicariously through public figures IT HURTS MY EYES to see they have nothing else to do. As for Amanda, I believe that what she’s showing right now can be dealt with accordingly, and change is around the corner. I still love her! I would love to see her bounce back and show us that redemption can be done. I would love to see her in a movie again. Please? Is that too much to ask for?


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