The Foodie In Me

FoodieI love food. I guess it goes the same for everybody right? I seriously haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love to eat out or munch whatever- if you are that person then I would probably influence you to start eating more and discover new places to dine in! These are taken from my phone as I went out with friends and family.

Movie time with Kim: When we watched Iron Man a few weeks back, we ordered the combo that’s usually more expensive than a Tuesday movie. It consists of chicken poppers, poutine and a large drink.

Korean with the family on Mother’s day: We went to Owl Of Minerva for lunch and we thought we were going to be grilling barbeque! They didn’t have those there so we ordered meals- mine was Bibimbap, which is basically mixed rice. I’ve read about it being part of the World’s 50 most delicious foods by CNN Travel!

Frozen yogurts: When me and Grace went to see Peeples, we met up with Kim and Jessie to eat out (yet again)- cause that’s how we do. After which we treated ourselves with frozen yogurt from Yogurty’s! They have a self-serve method in which you come into the store and grab a cup, and you can take it from there. The prices are by-weight, I only paid mine for like $4.40?! I remember that day being cold too, and as we walked to the car we froze ourselves, also while eating what’s left of our froyo cups.

Indian cuisine with Eloisa: Just last week me and my Tribute buddy/friend decided to chill, and she had thought about what kinda food we were gonna eat, she suggested Indian and so we went to Little India in Queen Street West! I was kind of overwhelmed with all the flavors, yet what we ordered weren’t really the hottest of the hottest dishes. Loved the Chicken Biryani and the Butter Chicken! More hang outs to happen with this lady!

*I’m pretty sure this summer is going to be great, I get to go out more and explore new restaurants in the city. You better believe I will take pictures as I go.


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