Camp Life

camp2My dad had this idea of going to a camp site for the weekend. We have never done anything like it and he was actually really excited, me and my older brother gave out weekend shifts to other people. I know it was worth it. I tell you if no one said yes to me, I would be stuck at work doing pulling an eleven hour. Thank God I found someone. Anyway, we went to Beavermead Park, an hour and a half away from the city. There wasn’t much to see, I mean it is a camp site for people who want to embrace nature and just spend a night or two there. My folks bought an ultra tent (ultra means it was bigger than what I call a normal tent), and some fishing gear. Talk about prepared.

camp1After we put our things and got our tent set up, we roamed around the premises and found the lake nearby. We couldn’t help ourselves but jump in the water. Very cold yet very refreshing! Loved loved loved it. Then we got back and we roasted marshmallows, ate dinner, and just had fun I guess. Let me tell you something, I have always wanted to sleep outside of home, somewhere far, ala Survivor- but this experience made me think twice now! I mean, I couldn’t sleep because it was too cold, and I had a small blanket that wouldn’t cover the whole of me, then the ground was too rough! Even my mom had trouble sleeping. But if I really wanted to join Survivor, I must brace myself for worse! This IS nothing compared to what those castaways go through, and to think they’re in the island for like 39 days (at least the final 3).

camp3The morning after, we went to the lake one more time and I thought about renting some canoes. I mean I’m always up for anything new, so why not right? So we did that, after my dad caught some fishes (he was really proud of getting 3). I absolutely had fun! We went canoeing for about an hour, we basically toured the whole lake that surrounded the park itself, fairly big. Thank God we didn’t get jumped on by weird lake monsters or some stuff like that, but we were able to paddle our way smoothly and took pictures too while doing so! It was such a fun family experience! I hope I get to do it with more of my relatives and friends, when we visit our homeland. Anything will do, as long as we’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I’ve always wanted to connect to nature, I may have failed this time because I always held my phone (for the life of me I don’t understand myself, but I participated with the activities), but trust me, next time’s the charm! Thank God for the experience and family time. I love them:)


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