“There’s no place like home”


So my friend Eloisa wanted to use the deal she got where she will pay full price for one ticket and only a dollar for the next one. It sounded like a steal (which it actually is), and I am so glad to have witnessed this Mirvish production of a classic movie.

I thought it was fantastic in all levels. From the actors, the props, the music, the costumes, I mean EVERYTHING. I really enjoyed it. The songs were amazingly done, especially “Somewhere Over The Ranbow”. It’s still beyond me why I never saw the actual movie, but I remember catching it a little over 2 years ago on cable, but I didn’t finish it. I highly recommend this to you guys. I am growing fond of plays and somehow a part of me wishes to be on-stage, or be in one of those grand musicals. I know I don’t have the talent, but I’ll take the role of a knight or like village person # 2! I’ll put that on my bucket list!

Just wanted to follow up on that title, those 5 words really mean lot to me. It was mentioned in the last few scenes of the production by Gilda and Dorothy, “There’s no place like home”. Truer words couldn’t have been said, at least for what I constantly feel. I mean I live in a city where there’s so much life and all that good stuff but I find myself often looking for my home country, even though a lot of my friends won’t agree with the idea of me coming back there to work. I have thought about that dilemma a million times over and at the end of the day, I just feel like I really do testify to that statement, because there is NO place that can substitute what you consider to be your home, where your heart always looks for and your mind wanders to. And to think that Eloisa will be travelling to that country for vacation next week! I am so jealous! But I’d rather go home by December.