A week ago we went to the Big Apple! I, for one actually think I was born to be in New York City. Seriously. It eats me up inside that I am not yet even there living and struggling. That’s not a joke. I want to learn how to independent and even though I kinda am right now, I just want to live like majority of people my age and trying to figure out their purpose in the world. I’ll get there. I just wish that I can be awesome and get to meet the right people when I do.

NYC1Lower East Side and Chinatown. This is where my uncle lives and I’d like to say, this is my neighbourhood y’all! I’ll most likely end up in this area when I eventually find a place. I love how affordable stuff are! I even like the vibe of this junction.

image (3) imageDay 2: we went to visit the ONLY Jollibee (a Filipino fast food chain that is ever famous for its chicken and spaghetti) in New York. The people there were unusually warm and welcoming. Or maybe it’s just me. I am made of stone:( We ended up taking the subway to Queens going there and it was quite a long ride! It was raining but nonetheless we ate and we were able to cross that off our checklist.  I have to go there again to embrace the vibe of the area. After that we hopped in the train again to go to the Grand Central Terminal. My only reference to that station is the movie Friends With Benefits. Go figure. I loved seeing people constantly take photos of the whole place. There wasn’t really much to see but the feel that you’re there is definitely a life goal come true.



Day 3: We went to Central Park! Gloomy weather but definitely better than our Queens trip. Here we saw that one place we always see in the movies, that long trail where people walk and there were green benches on the side. Yeah that. We also discovered that area in The Avengers movie, the one with the fountain downstairs! Very cool! There was some sort of a performance from a group of guys, they made everyone laugh and kinda scared afterwards because they mocked themselves and people actually slowly believed them. I won’t elaborate.

image (6)Times Square! I knew I had to go back here again and take the perfect photo. But sadly that didn’t quite happen! It was too crowded and there were construction going on and stuff. Nevertheless, I got to see it again and it felt all too real (again). God I would love to work here.

nyc 14Some cool stuff I saw along the way. I’m a chronic sightseer and I just like to take anything colorful and interesting. SoHo is the place to be for fashion & arts people (I’d like to believe I fall in that category). I walked in that area and I didn’t want to leave! It was everything! This graffiti on the 4th panel was from a wall in Little Tokyo (that place actually exists!), it was really cool. The sticker wall was from an organic food store, I just really had to take a photo.

So there you have it! I actually have a lot more photos but I’m afraid I’m taking too much space up! Of course your time too. I could go on and on but there’s a limit to that. I have another NYC-related blog entry involving a Golden Globe winner that I met on my last day staying there. Sounds cool right? YOU HAVE NO IDEA.




Movie Review: Stoker (2013)


I finally got around to watching Stoker, directed by Park Chan-wook and I must tell you, it was a really great cinematic experience for me. With the stunning imagery, aggressive dialogues and endless metaphors implied in this film I’m sure this is difficult to forget.

PLOT: After India’s father (Mia Wasikowska) dies, her Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode), who she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her unstable mother. She comes to suspect this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives and becomes increasingly infatuated with him.

The story was familiar (coming-of-age, incest, family relationships), yet it’s so strange that your thoughts run back and forth during the movie. The cinematography (yes, that word) and the color palette of this movie was superb. Nicole Kidman never fails to amaze me, especially when she takes on roles that make her deliver such great lines such as:“Personally speaking, I can’t wait to watch life tear you apart”. I mean who says that to her own daughter? So epic. And as for Mia Wasikowska, I think she’s pretty amazing. She carries so much class and effervescence even though she’s playing a disturbed, distant young lady who is infatuated with her uncle. Matthew Goode was just brilliant, I only saw him in a rom-com before. Jacki Weaver was also terrific. I couldn’t look at the violent scenes in this film, but the sound on my earphones was enough to keep me thrilled.

This is one of 2013’s best films I can assure you that. To sum it up: it was beautifully haunting and I loved it.

“I’m so embarrassed I’m not a real person yet”

Frances HaThis is becoming quite the movie review blog that I have wanted it not to be. But wait, I absolutely love movies and even though I watch a lot, there are few that stick out and just stays with me. This is one of those films: FRANCES HA.

Directed by Noah Baumbach and co-written by its star Greta Gerwig. It definitely seemed like a tribute to the 1960’s French New Wave Cinema, and oh, was filmed in black and white. It explores obsessive friendships, coming out of the nest, random trips to Paris, diminishing fortunes, dancing and most of all, stuff twenty-somethings go through. I was able to see it for free when I won passes from The Toronto Film Scene (thanks guys!) and I tagged my friend Cynthia along. We had the best time, just laughing at the theatre, waiting a long time and getting some good insight about the movie at the Q & A that preceded (Greta and Noah were in attendance).

Anyway, I’m just going to say it: this EASILY became my favorite film so far this 2013. It was just splendid (and I actually decided to use that word). It was a great portrait of someone who just hit rock bottom, but still manages to be super endearing and full of life. I have thought about so many things that happened to Frances in the movie and put myself into the same situation: whether I’m going to go nuts or just be like her, who’s ever so positive despite knowing deep in her heart that she’s bound for more unfortunate mishaps but then STILL TRIES. I don’t want to be a person who just stops caring and trying. So many of reflections of humanity and just a raw depiction of what it’s like to be 27 and not have your life figured out. One more thing: NEW YORK CITY! Geez I want to end up there so badly.

The title of my post was a line from the film in which Frances goes on a date with her best friend’s acquaintance, she just got a tax rebate and she insisted she paid for dinner but her credit card was declined. She then says those words and the theater burst into laughter, she runs to the closest ATM (which almost took forever). It was one of the movie’s best moments. Alright, so there you go, my review and my insight on this wonderful gem. I am going to post yet another blog about my thoughts on growing up and growing old, and why I want to take some more chances this year.


Stars & stripes on blue skies.

Stars & stripes on blue skies.

Spring is coming. Don’t you just feel cheery and ecstatic to get rid of the black jackets you’ve been donning all winter? It’s about time to get into bright and non-neutral outfits. This set includes:

VANS lace up shoes / FOSSIL jewelry / Acne Oahu stripe shirt / RODA Oblong scarf /SUNSPEL Polka Dot Pocket Crew T-Shirt/ Criminal Damage Men’s Grey Ish Jogger Elasticated Cuff Jeans / 1069 in Cloud White

*I know for a fact I won’t be able to afford even 2 of these pieces. Because I’m thrifty like that. I find my way around sales and bargains, and it works for me, my last shopping trip was last December. Yes. I think I was able to realize that buying new clothes often doesn’t really make sense to me anymore, that more important things are supposed to be saved for, and you could help people with the money. This year, I’m growing fond of being able to just work with what I’ve got, and mixing and matching.

Review: Les Miserables (2012)


I saw this earlier in the month but somehow didn’t put up a review ’til now. I apologize. It’s because I am still in awe about this musical phenomenon brought to cinema. 2 hours, 37 minutes long. I might have dozed off in some parts but on my second viewing, I was in utter delight about it. It’s THAT GOOD.

Anne Hathaway is MAGNIFICENT. Her single take for “I Dreamed A Dream” is flawless and unbelievable heart-wrenching. She deserved her awards. Hugh Jackman’s transformation is perfect, also deserving. Russell Crowe, is same old great Russell. Amanda Seyfried is stunning & eradescent. The supporting actors like the one who played Eponine, Aaron Tveit, the little blonde kid & Eddie Redmayne and of course, Sasha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter were just as incredible too. Samantha Barks (Eponine) shined so brightly in her two numbers, especially “On My Own”. Totes amaze!

When I was younger I have always been interested in Les Mis due to the fact that I saw a very thick book in my uncle’s library and it said the words “Les Miserables”, I didn’t know how to read it but as time went on I found out its meaning, its history & that it is a work of fiction that became a hit musical. I came in thinking that I was only going to hear some songs but the whole movie was all about the singing & I loved it. Teared up at some scenes, because I am human. I really loved it. But seriously, it’s a wonderful, emotional cinematic experience that somehow made me wish I was a theatre actor who can sing. It swept some awards at the Golden Globes & Screen Actors Guild! Next up, the Oscars! Tom Hooper you’re fantastic. I will re-watch this that’s for sure!

Ping Pong Pool Party!

A Brooklyn-based studio Red Paper Heart was asked by UrbanDaddy to make something interactive at the same time it being underwater. Sounds difficult? Well since pools are not projection ready surfaces, they immediately scratched that off their plans. We can also say that people stand in pools than actually swimming on them. Their solution was to cover the entire surface of the pool with 65,000 ping pong balls! Isn’t that amazing?! Check this video out! I absolutely find this amusing, fun and all kinds of great! Look at how people were enjoying their time in the pool plus that encore performance! It’s totes amaze!