You have to eat here: THE BURGER’S PRIEST

Burger“Redeeming the burger one at a time”

Food trip Fridays are awesome! Me, Krista and Lovelle went to this new burger joint downtown and boy was that an experience like no other. That sounds a little over the top but you have to know, I like my burgers because for almost a year and a half now I’ve been working at a burger place & I grew fond of them.

You will know an unusual taste once you’ve eaten too many fast food items. Their burgers are so good! Even the bun, the toppings and sides! After my burger I ordered a root bear float (which I miss oh-so-much!) and it was the best one I’ve had in years! They even have a secret menu for which we didn’t know about when we went there! It was also packed because it was a Friday plus it rained:( We stayed for almost an hour because we enjoyed the meals so much and we even had to go for seconds and thirds. Recommended for everyone!

If you want to visit their website, you can head on straight to:


Beat the heat!

summerIt’s that time of the year again! Well, a season that many of us are excited about but some of us dread! Anyway, everyone should be ready to beat the heat especially this week, temperatures rise to all-time highs. The humidity is out of this world! We all better be prepared, or we’ll melt in this scorching summertime.

  • For stuff to wear, all of us know that a pair of sunglasses gets us a long way! The brightness of the sun as we either walk or commute could definitely affect our vision. While I don’t personally always use sunnies, I tend to squint my eyes whenever I wait for the bus or when I’m walking. I know that’s not healthy, but I should buy me a pair now!
  • Flip flops originate way way back to 4000 B.C (can you believe that), I bet they weren’t called flip flops then! But as time and civilizations went on, a lot of varieties have been created to suit people’s likings. The simpler the style the better, if you ask me.
  • Staples like umbrellas, straw hats and caps are also needed to shade ourselves from the heat. A small and foldable umbrella that could fit in our bags are very convenient while for hats and caps, we could always opt for something light on our heads.
  • Liquids! Oh boy, can you imagine the lineups at Starbucks and McDonalds whenever they have those cheap beverage promos? I bet you’ve been in one of those lines just waiting to quench your thirsts! I love me a good ol’ iced coffee, and a lot of people choose fountain drinks, I can’t say for certain that it’s necessarily healthy but it definitely gets us through! Most importantly, we should keep ourselves hydrated by taking in enough water! Nothing beats H20! Wait, I forget to put ice cream!!!
  • Let’s talk about sunscreens! In choosing the best ones, we always rummage around the shelves in the supermarket and pharmacies, trying to understand what these numbers mean but I’ll tell you this, for more than 75% of people, the best thing out there is SPF 15. While personal preference is also a factor we consider, it’s better to be aware than to just buy a brand we have grown to love.
  • Fans and air conditioners! I can’t stress enough how important these things are, because for about 3/4 of the year we don’t necessarily use them since the other seasons give us temperatures cold enough to not turn these appliances on but in the summertime, we tend to realize the importance of fans and air cons. For countries that don’t experience weather, these hardware are being used everyday and people are thankful for them.
  • When you find yourself bored and don’t feel like going out as you predict sweat is going to instantly come out of your body, you can always rely on a good book to get you through the day. I don’t always read books, but I consume my free time watching movies and writing, same should go for everybody, you need to waste your time creatively, doing what you love.

So there you have it! Anything else you feel that could be added to this list, let me know! Have a fun summer everybody!

The Foodie In Me

FoodieI love food. I guess it goes the same for everybody right? I seriously haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love to eat out or munch whatever- if you are that person then I would probably influence you to start eating more and discover new places to dine in! These are taken from my phone as I went out with friends and family.

Movie time with Kim: When we watched Iron Man a few weeks back, we ordered the combo that’s usually more expensive than a Tuesday movie. It consists of chicken poppers, poutine and a large drink.

Korean with the family on Mother’s day: We went to Owl Of Minerva for lunch and we thought we were going to be grilling barbeque! They didn’t have those there so we ordered meals- mine was Bibimbap, which is basically mixed rice. I’ve read about it being part of the World’s 50 most delicious foods by CNN Travel!

Frozen yogurts: When me and Grace went to see Peeples, we met up with Kim and Jessie to eat out (yet again)- cause that’s how we do. After which we treated ourselves with frozen yogurt from Yogurty’s! They have a self-serve method in which you come into the store and grab a cup, and you can take it from there. The prices are by-weight, I only paid mine for like $4.40?! I remember that day being cold too, and as we walked to the car we froze ourselves, also while eating what’s left of our froyo cups.

Indian cuisine with Eloisa: Just last week me and my Tribute buddy/friend decided to chill, and she had thought about what kinda food we were gonna eat, she suggested Indian and so we went to Little India in Queen Street West! I was kind of overwhelmed with all the flavors, yet what we ordered weren’t really the hottest of the hottest dishes. Loved the Chicken Biryani and the Butter Chicken! More hang outs to happen with this lady!

*I’m pretty sure this summer is going to be great, I get to go out more and explore new restaurants in the city. You better believe I will take pictures as I go.