Au revoir, Summer 2013!

Okay I know I have been MIA (yet again) but this time I will post as much as I can, especially after this hiatus month!

It has definitely been an uneventful summer. I wanted to make it special (I mean how do you do that really) but it turned out quite bland and it felt like we all just went through the motions. I wanted to go to the beach. That didn’t happen. I wanted a summer fling that I might possibly regret or not in the future. Negative. This is me venting, because I literally didn’t do anything but work and some occasional trips wherever this past summer and I believe I owe to myself next year to make the most of my young life and live it up! These are some of the photos that are saved on my phone for your viewing pleasure of course!

CNE 1We went for the first time to the Canadian National Exhibition or as what people call it “The CNE!”. Long ass bus ride going there. It’s like a bunch of fairs, circus attractions, games, and what have you. As much as I didn’t enjoy it, I really just wanted to go there and look at what it had to offer. I liked the feel of it though, but maybe I’m outgrowing what was once a really fun place to be when we were kids.

CNE 2CNE 3One thing that I really loved about it was the food!! The cronut controversy surfaced before we went so we’re clear for food poisoning! What are those things anyway? Oh yeah, the food! Kinda expensive by the way but good enough for a one time try. The DEEP FRIED OREOS were the bomb! I thought I was about to eat something really nasty, but boy was I wrong! I wanted another batch! The cheese fries with bacon really satisfied my hunger too. Also pictured are funnel cakes which I wanted to try too and a sculpture of Wolverine made out of butter! Yes, BUTTER! I really had fun seeing the animals they had inside the dome, there were farm buddies like pigs, chickens, goats, cows. It was my first time seeing an alpaca, which really terrified me! I seriously don’t have an idea how these animals go about their daily lives, but you know damn well they are unpredictable! I even took videos! One more thing, my dad played the games wherein we had to pay like 2 bucks everytime. While we didn’t get the big stuffed animals, my mom was happy with 4 little ones! They are a rip off! My work friends took photos on instagram when they won big animals! Jealous!

PartyThis is an oversaturated collage photo of a house party I attended a few weeks back. I enjoyed my time. I even slept over my friend’s boyfriend’s room. It was great meeting mutual friends from all over the Philippines who came to Canada later than I did. I will say this, these people know how to have fun! I’ve always thought that the party crowd will never be my clique but it’s slowly proving me wrong. Good times!

summerMe and my work friend had a little Tuesdate. We went to see The Spectacular Now (which I will review if I have time). All I have to say is that it was a really great movie. Very quiet but it’s filled with so much life lessons especially people our age.  Y’all should see it! After that, we went to U-Tea, which was along Bloor West. It’s a boardgame cafe and you can waste your time there with your friends. We played Blokus, which was really fun. Girl beat me though. Then we had dinner and bubble tea! Their bubble teas are pretty delish! Check it out!

*This is the first of many posts I will be flooding you! You’ve been warned.  Glad to be back!


The Peer Project: Youth Mentor diaries

Just last May I signed up to be youth mentor in our area. I went with an open mind to the orientation, which proved to be easy after all. Well, not all about it was piece of cake but since we’re dealing with kids here, we definitely have to be aware, firm and fully ready for the job. I waited a good two months to get started, it took a while but it was all worth it. I have been busy enough to not blog for a couple weeks because I really want to take time on my other endeavors. (That sounded as if I have tons of things to deal with, not really what’s happening in real life tbh)

As for the methodology of the said organization, the website states: “Young people experiencing behavioral  social, emotional and/or cultural difficulties can be referred. A home assessment will determine their needs. Young adults and police officers from all cultures and diverse backgrounds are recruited, screened and trained to become positive peer mentors sharing their life experiences”

I, myself have been wanting to be a mentor for so many years now. I think it’s because I grew fond of kids when I was in my late teenage years. I remember that day my friend Rachel had her 18th birthday at the orphanage, it was such a fulfilling experience that nothing could ever replace. I gave her props for that because instead of having a ball or like party at the club, she thought of other people who needed help and time. Also, I came from a country where there’s so many kids who can’t afford education and thus, resulting them to become wayward. I wish I could do something about it now that I am here overseas. I will do anything to be of help to those less fortunate youth when I get the chance. Also, after seeing the trailer for the SXSW film “Short Term 12” starring Brie Larson, I knew that was like one of the go-signals to get on board with this opportunity.

“Remember you’re not their parent, you’re not their therapist. You’re here to help them discover who they are and all other things they struggle with”

I wondered what my junior will be like (that’s how we call them apparently), and I actually asked my case coordinator if I could have a kid who’s only 6-10 years old. I seem to be having a little of trouble when I deal with older kids. I was initially paired up with a 13-year old kid who just recently moved here to Toronto. At first I didn’t have any problem with it but after some thinking, I grew hesitant because the worst case scenario will be me butting heads with this kid and I wouldn’t want that for the both of us. I already thought that as a disadvantage before even meeting the kid. My apologies if you think I’m a terrible person.

Then I was paired up with this kid who lives a block away from our place (I know, isn’t it perfect?). When I met up with him I found myself excited to finally be sharing my time with this kid even if it’s only for 3 hours a week. Our first activity happened just 2 days after the meeting and this kid’s brother apparently has a mentor already who also showed up for our water park getaway. It was a rather awesome yet surreal experience, especially it being my first with my junior. A child’s formative years is from infantry to age 5, and what happens after that is tricky. In my kid’s case, he wants someone to spend time with other than his brother and sister, he wants to look up to someone and he wants to play with that someone. The smile on this kid’s face when he sees me makes me feel giddy and fulfilled.

I know this is going to be tough and being a youth mentor is a thankless job but I believe that I can do this to the best of my abilities. I thank God for this experience. You can check out the org’s website and see if you can be of help. I cannot wait for more experiences with this kid honestly. It’s going to be an awesome year!

You have to eat here: THE BURGER’S PRIEST

Burger“Redeeming the burger one at a time”

Food trip Fridays are awesome! Me, Krista and Lovelle went to this new burger joint downtown and boy was that an experience like no other. That sounds a little over the top but you have to know, I like my burgers because for almost a year and a half now I’ve been working at a burger place & I grew fond of them.

You will know an unusual taste once you’ve eaten too many fast food items. Their burgers are so good! Even the bun, the toppings and sides! After my burger I ordered a root bear float (which I miss oh-so-much!) and it was the best one I’ve had in years! They even have a secret menu for which we didn’t know about when we went there! It was also packed because it was a Friday plus it rained:( We stayed for almost an hour because we enjoyed the meals so much and we even had to go for seconds and thirds. Recommended for everyone!

If you want to visit their website, you can head on straight to:

“There’s no place like home”


So my friend Eloisa wanted to use the deal she got where she will pay full price for one ticket and only a dollar for the next one. It sounded like a steal (which it actually is), and I am so glad to have witnessed this Mirvish production of a classic movie.

I thought it was fantastic in all levels. From the actors, the props, the music, the costumes, I mean EVERYTHING. I really enjoyed it. The songs were amazingly done, especially “Somewhere Over The Ranbow”. It’s still beyond me why I never saw the actual movie, but I remember catching it a little over 2 years ago on cable, but I didn’t finish it. I highly recommend this to you guys. I am growing fond of plays and somehow a part of me wishes to be on-stage, or be in one of those grand musicals. I know I don’t have the talent, but I’ll take the role of a knight or like village person # 2! I’ll put that on my bucket list!

Just wanted to follow up on that title, those 5 words really mean lot to me. It was mentioned in the last few scenes of the production by Gilda and Dorothy, “There’s no place like home”. Truer words couldn’t have been said, at least for what I constantly feel. I mean I live in a city where there’s so much life and all that good stuff but I find myself often looking for my home country, even though a lot of my friends won’t agree with the idea of me coming back there to work. I have thought about that dilemma a million times over and at the end of the day, I just feel like I really do testify to that statement, because there is NO place that can substitute what you consider to be your home, where your heart always looks for and your mind wanders to. And to think that Eloisa will be travelling to that country for vacation next week! I am so jealous! But I’d rather go home by December.

Splash of Color in Epic Proportions!

Corona Paint Party!


So…do I actually need to tell y’all how fun this was? I found out about an upcoming paint party yesterday and I had to switch with someone at work so I can go. Invited pretty much a bunch of people but they were unavailable, I’m so happy Krista was free and so we went! It wasn’t that fun at first because we arrived at the venue around 3:30, and people were lining up like crazy! The lines then moved, but oh so slowly, we were getting frustrated. Can you believe we stood and waited for 2 hours? We wanted to get in so badly!

Then this chick, who was basically in front of us while we were in line, all of a sudden was on the other side of the barricade and we were like “WTF!?”, so she mouthed “go to the front so you can get in” to me and Krista. GUESS WHAT. We took a chance and actually got in! I was so happy! We didn’t come there for nothing. It was such a fun and out-of-control experience, people we don’t know just coming up at us and sprayed, brushed, poured every bit of paint that were on their hands or whatever. The band playing at the back was giving us energetic tunes too! I felt so free, even if you think that’s exaggerating. I couldn’t ask for a better companion other than Krista because we did wait, and we got in, right before the director had to shut it down because it rained! Not everyone got in though:( And mind you, I wasn’t gonna let me and Krista be those people on the other side just hoping they would be splashed with paint. We were so colorful! This is definitely one of those super awesome things this city could offer and I’m glad we took part!

P.S: Those girls with us basically just asked us to take a photo of them, then we all got together for another group photo! So fun!

The Foodie In Me

FoodieI love food. I guess it goes the same for everybody right? I seriously haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love to eat out or munch whatever- if you are that person then I would probably influence you to start eating more and discover new places to dine in! These are taken from my phone as I went out with friends and family.

Movie time with Kim: When we watched Iron Man a few weeks back, we ordered the combo that’s usually more expensive than a Tuesday movie. It consists of chicken poppers, poutine and a large drink.

Korean with the family on Mother’s day: We went to Owl Of Minerva for lunch and we thought we were going to be grilling barbeque! They didn’t have those there so we ordered meals- mine was Bibimbap, which is basically mixed rice. I’ve read about it being part of the World’s 50 most delicious foods by CNN Travel!

Frozen yogurts: When me and Grace went to see Peeples, we met up with Kim and Jessie to eat out (yet again)- cause that’s how we do. After which we treated ourselves with frozen yogurt from Yogurty’s! They have a self-serve method in which you come into the store and grab a cup, and you can take it from there. The prices are by-weight, I only paid mine for like $4.40?! I remember that day being cold too, and as we walked to the car we froze ourselves, also while eating what’s left of our froyo cups.

Indian cuisine with Eloisa: Just last week me and my Tribute buddy/friend decided to chill, and she had thought about what kinda food we were gonna eat, she suggested Indian and so we went to Little India in Queen Street West! I was kind of overwhelmed with all the flavors, yet what we ordered weren’t really the hottest of the hottest dishes. Loved the Chicken Biryani and the Butter Chicken! More hang outs to happen with this lady!

*I’m pretty sure this summer is going to be great, I get to go out more and explore new restaurants in the city. You better believe I will take pictures as I go.

Movie Review: Spring Breakers (2013)


Never have I had a thrilling, absolutely hilarious time at a theater other than when I watched this gem by Harmony Korine. That’s an understatement, folks. Here’s the low down.

Plot: Four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do some dirty work.

My take:  “I got shorts. EVERY FUCKING COLOR”

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie other than the fact people kept saying it’s raunchy, wild, and an all-out neon explosion. They were right. I, for one, was really excited when it premiered at TIFF. I even have pictures of the four girls, with me. It was a delight. The movie, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved it. The whole “finding yourself” thing was brought up and made sense yet you know these girls won’t be able to do that since they’re on a crime spree. They have good intentions though: TO HAVE FUN! James Franco really outdid himself, he was hilariously brilliant. Selena Gomez, who I thought was gonna be wilder, really showed off some acting chops there. Vanessa Hudgens was class A, her role was terrific and how vulnerable it was, just plain amazing. The other 2 girls, Ashley Benson & Rachel Korine, I felt they were fillers. But they did what they had to do, and overall it was really a great, non-traditional, f***** amazing movie.